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March 2017 E-Newsletter - The Science of Basketballs!

March Holidays:
8th - International Women's Day
12th- Daylight Savings Begins
14th- March Madness Begins

17th - St. Patrick's Day
20th– Vernal Equinox
22nd - World Water Day
29th - Smoke & Mirrors Day
At Home Experiment:
STEM Activity: Basketball Launcher

Design & build a basketball hoop and a device to launch the ball in this fun, at-home STEM activity! Gather some friends and form teams to determine who can design and build the most efficient shooter and most accurate hoop.

Program of the Month:
Newton In A Nutshell

We all have potential...potential & kinetic energy that is! Your class will get ramped up as students get hands-on with a few incline plane antics. Our gyroscopes will have everyone going in circles! Prepare your students to be transformed into junior physicists as they discover inertia and motion with our Fun Flicks & more!
This STEM career studies materials and how things are made. A career as a Materials Engineer can lead to a variety of sports jobs as it helps with the design of equipment and the sustainability of materials.
Pass, dribble and shoot! It is time for March Mania basketball – one of the most famous annual sporting events in the US. Whether you are watching college teams on TV or playing in the backyard, basketball is fun because of Science! I betcha' didn't know there was science involved in the sport of basketball!

Bouncing the ball on the ground, passing to your teammate, and shooting at the goal all depend on physics, math and the laws of motion.

So in this newsletter feature we are going to discuss the origins of basketball, why and how basketballs bounce and talk about why they have those little bumps all over them! 

To read about the Science of Basketballs, please click the link below! 
Read More: The Science of Basketballs
From the Archives:
March 2012:
Shamrocks, Science & Shenanigans!

This month, join us as we take a moment to honor some of the top scientists & inventors that have called Ireland their home. 
Spring Break is Upon Us!
Why not have HTHT come out each day during the break? We can provide our FUN science
Spring Break is April 10-14 for Buncombe County and Asheville City Schools
April 17-21 for Henderson County Schools  
Summer Camp 2017 is Quickly Approaching! 
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